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If you are looking for professional concrete repairs, then you have come to the right place! Our team of Concrete Repair Specialists can accommodate any size job or budget. If you need a driveway tear out & replace, a slab repair, or section of a sidewalk, St Louis Concrete Repairs can come up with a plan that will meet your needs. Below are some other Concrete Repairs and services we provide.

Concrete Tear Out and Replace

There are times when just a simple concrete repair won’t do. Such as when there are structural integrity issues. Our staff of qualified concrete estimators can help you to determine if a tear out is necessary. Sometimes if there is just a small crack and the concrete has not lifted or separated it can be repaired. If the crack is old it can have large separations or heaving. Heaving is when one side of the crack is at a much different level than the other. Because of this type of crack, the Concrete Estimator would recommend a complete concrete slab replacement. Though at times if it is a large slab and only a section is bad sometimes it can be saw cut out and only that section replaced. St Louis Concrete Repairs’s professional will help you to understand the type of damage. After determining the type of damage we can the make a recommended repair method.

Concrete Overlay and Repair

A lot of times our estimators will suggest a simple cost effective repair for your concrete job. Even when others have wanted to do a complete tear out and replace. St Louis Concrete repairs have many tools in our arsenal. We make sure to accommodate each customer’s specific needs and budget. We use special procedures that allow our repair specialists to make quick repairs to certain types of damaged concrete. If our estimator has determined there is no structural damage then all you would need is a crack repair. We then send out a crack repair specialist with the proper tools and materials to repair that crack. Sometimes you may just have ugly or boring concrete that you would like to add some pzazz to. If that’s the case then we can do an overlay product that will transform your boring ugly concrete patio or driveway into a work of art! These two methods of Concrete Repair is much more cost effective than a complete tear out and replace when it is not needed. Some overlay jobs can be expensive, depending on the type of overlay needed. Ripping out the old concrete and replacing it just adds to the cost of the job. It just depends on what you are trying to achieve with the look of your concrete or your individual taste.

Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete wall damage can occur when there is just a crack in the foundation. Damage can also occur when there has been settling under the concrete footing. A vertical crack is repaired easily depending on the size and what caused the crack. If the crack has appeared recently that could be a sign of some recent settling under the footing. We would first need to address the settling issue, repair that, and then repair the crack. Most people think that settling occurs during times of excessive rain. Most cracks and settling happens when we have seasons of drought, such as the drought of 2012. In 2012 there was a lot of settling, as a result cracks appeared in walls, especially in the Chesterfield Valley area. Horizontal cracks can be a bit of a problem, these cracks are among the hardest to repair and are therefore costly. Our Concrete Estimator will help you to understand the damage you have and what to do to correct it.